Interview on Voice of America 1

I was interviewed in early March by Alise Cortez in her “Working on Purpose” show on the Voice of America. We talked about my life as a programmer and my experiences with the Mankind Project. The interview aired on March 16th, 2016. Here is a description of that interview.


The 1960s women’s movement was of monumental importance to advance the conscious development of women. But what response did it evoke in men? Where do men derive their sense of connection and meaning in today’s times? And how do men navigate their lives against the backdrop of ongoing change in their female counterparts? In this episode, we explore the journey of one thoughtful, engaged man who has spent a quarter century cultivating his own perspective on life on the planet as a man and the wonderful discovery he’s made helping coach his fellow comrades in their common quest toward deeper self-awareness and authentic integration.
BobJonesFor almost half a century, Bob Jones has been a software developer, living in his left brain – his head. About 25 years ago he discovered his right brain – his heart. Since that discovery he has been working to integrate both head and heart into a whole and balanced person. He discovered the Mankind Project, participated in their New Warrior Training Adventure, and continued his path toward deeper self-awareness and authentic integration. The integration has paid off by improving every aspect of his life; as an engineer, a husband, a father, and a human being. His journey through the years has taught him the value of continuously reinventing himself and the importance of deep connection with self and others. As he approaches the end of his 50-year dance with data processing, he finds himself facing his biggest challenge yet: completing his transformation into a mentor and facilitator for men who want to wake up, grow up, and show up by taking full responsibility for their lives.

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The Agony of the Middle East

I attend yoga every Sunday morning that I can because Paul Millage bookends the yoga asanas with kirtan and afterwards many of us sit in circle and explore the spiritual aspects of yoga and our lives. In this morning’s circle, a young woman with tears in her eyes asked us to pray for the people in Israel and Palestine. (more…)

Discovering Bliss

I don’t know whether to lead with the outcomes from three days and two sleepless nights with amazingly conscious men or the impact of the album I am listening to right now that ranks with Santana’s Caravanserai, The Dark Side of the Moon and Paul Simon’s Graceland, so I will start with the Shantala’s visit to Bellingham.

shantalaOn Sunday evening, after two sleepless nights and a seven hour drive from Manzanita, Oregon, a quick shower and dinner, I walked into the Presence Studio to the mesmerizing sound of Heather and Benjy Wertheimer, the husband and wife partnership called “Shantala“. There were three musicians with them and I wish I could tell you their names, but my memory fails me (as usual). One played a magical flute and the other (Shawn?) coaxed more blissful sounds from a three string guitar than most musicians can get from six strings.

Today’s Paradigm Shift

Shift Happens

paradigm shiftI ordered some clothing from a website in April and by early June, most of the order was still missing. I was angry with the vendor and had some pretty clear judgments about the obvious problems with his business so I called him today and brother, what a lesson I learned. I told the man in clear terms that there were real problems with his business, and his response was, “Yes, and I am the problem.”

“How is that?” I asked. (more…)

A Caterpillar in Buddha’s Garden

(With thanks to my wife, Donna for the title and the poem)

I awoke this morning feeling fuzzy and low energy and started the day slowly by listening to Krishna Das sing Kirtan. The phone rang, jolting me from my peaceful reverie. It was Ron Roesler reaching out to help me plan and pull together the Second Annual Gathering of the Tribes, an event I am leading that will take place in just over a month. (more…)