Mature Manhood

Reflections on growing up and becoming a mature man

Coming Out…

I have been working on this site since last June and it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and go public. Today, I am going to invite friends and family to come take a look at what I have created. There are pages that aren’t finished yet and I am certain that my wife and proof-reader, Donna, will find scads of spelling errors, but I can live with those nits and clean them up as I find them. My big concern is that this is not one site, but three. (more…)

On Vulnerability and Safety

I have been creating, leading and participating in men’s circles for over a dozen years now and learned the hard way that the single most important ingredient of an effective circle is psychic or emotional safety. In this post, I explore the relationship between emotional safety and vulnerability. (more…)

Between Trapezes

Danaan Parry, founder of the Earth Stewards Network taught me that to get from one trapeze to another, I first must let go of the trapeze I am hanging onto. This requires a leap of faith. Will the other trapeze be there? Will I go splat on the ground? These are questions that most of us have to face at one time or another in our lives. As I move into semi-retirement, I too am looking for my next trapeze, but this time, I have the luxury of being a bit picky. I am not looking for just any old trapeze, but only those opportunities where I can provide considerable value and bring all (or at least most) of me to the game.

So what do I bring?

Technology Skills

  • Website development using SQL Server, LINQ, C#, jQuery
  • Software architecture
  • Extensive Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Knowledge
  • Strong Project Management Skills
Human Skills

  • Excellent Listening Skills
  • Strong Conflict Resolution Skills
  • High Emotional IQ
  • Deep Self-Awareness

And what kind of trapeze am I looking for?

  • Contract / 1099 (no benefits needed)
  • No Commuting – must be able to work from home or a local office.
  • Part time (2-3 days per week max)

To learn more about me:

To contact me:

Email: Phone: (360) 441-0784

Taking a Hit

In September, 2013, I staffed my 33rd NWTA weekend. I am considered a senior staffer, one who knows the weekend quite well. I was asked by the weekend leader to step onto the leader track for the weekend because he didn’t think there were enough experienced men. I have staffed with this leader before and it worked quite well, so I stepped on as a leader in training (LIT)… for this weekend only. (more…)

In the present moment…

September 22, 2013 marks the beginning of my 40th year with my partner, Donna. It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses, but for the past 10 years, my relationship with Donna has been getting steadily stronger and deeper. I can attribute this improvement directly to the work I have done as a member of The Mankind Project. Sitting in I-Group for almost 12 years and staffing New Warrior Training Adventure weekends has pushed and poked me to grow into the man I am today. (more…)