Community Elder

Community Elder is a term I have chosen to describe my role in supporting elders who are active leaders in their community.

Community Elder Vision Update

Last June at the Gathering of the Tribes event, I declared myself to be a “Community Elder”. Even though there is no such role defined within The Mankind Project, the term seemed to resonate with many men. In this post, I attempt to define my vision a bit further. (more…)

Community Elders

I was initiated as an MKP New Warrior at Camp Melacoma in November, 2001 and I have been active in MKP ever since. I became a certified PIT leader in the Puget Sound Community by around 2006, joined the MKP I-Group Council and lead the rewrite of what is now the MKP PIT manual. I have done 32 (or 33) NWTA staffing, been on the Leader Track twice (busted myself both times) and considered Ritual Elder, but it just didn’t call to me. I started an I-Group in Bellingham in early 2002 and it is still meeting every week and is now stronger than ever. (more…)