Implementing WordPress Multisite

Multisite Day #15 – A Flash of Clarity

I spent much of today trying to understand how the Thesis-85 theme behaves in a multisite environment. It turns out to be pretty clever. Whenever a new site is added, it creates a new folder for that site’s custom styling and code files. Once I got the hang of it, it works pretty well… almost. (more…)

Multisite Day # 14 – Filling in the sinkhole

I spent most of the day chasing down how to manage options. I finally confirmed that all the changes I had made yesterday need to be undone, but I also confirmed that I now understand how to set and get options. Doesn’t sound like much, but clarity sometimes comes at a significant cost. (more…)

Multisite Day #13 – Another Sinkhole Appears

Multisite is freakin perverse! Every piece of code that wants to get or set an option or read or write from the database has to behave differently when running multisite.

I went through all of my code today and made it all multisite aware. Only one problem: I can set an option in the database, but when I try to read the option back later on, it returns empty handed. It’s as if you asked me to hand you the pen on my desk. You can see the pen, but you have to go through the “Get_Thing(‘pen’)” function and it lies. (more…)

Multisite Day #12 – Breakthrough

I completed a draft of my detailed code walk through. It comes in at 32 pages and growing, but it gave me a chance to take a close look at everything. Enough clarity has emerged for me to start the big rehearsal. This involves getting a complete copy of the MKPUSA site working on my desktop under multisite and with its theme upgraded. I started that task this morning and it’s now closing in on three and… (more…)

Multisite Day #7 – Epiphany

Once the site returned, I realized that I was glad it was down for a couple days. The down time gave me some perspective. There was so much to do that my mind was spinning. When this happens, it is time to break the problem into smaller problems. (more…)