Coming Out…

I have been working on this site since last June and it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and go public. Today, I am going to invite friends and family to come take a look at what I have created. There are pages that aren’t finished yet and I am certain that my wife and proof-reader, Donna, will find scads of spelling errors, but I can live with those nits and clean them up as I find them. My big concern is that this is not one site, but three.

I am now in semi-retirement which means that I still need to find some incremental income, but how? What do I have to offer? My left-brained engineer still has plenty of treads on his tires, but I also have a passion for teaching and coaching. I don’t want to pick one part and abandon the other parts of me. I have been doing that for way too long. So I have created three resumes: A left brained resume, a right brained resume and a whole brained resume. You pick!

Did I say three? Well the work angle is only one of my three intentions for this site. The second is to express myself fully. No, that doesn’t mean I want to turn into Lewis Black and go on profanity laden rants, even though some of his rants are quite funny. What I want to do is speak from my heart about the healing journey I have been taking for the past 20+ years, and especially the work I have done with The Mankind Project.

Finally, I want a place to capture tidbits of trivia like poetry, wise words of others, pictures of my family, etc.

So please take a few minutes and browse this site. There really is a huge amount of stuff here already. If you find something that is broken or have suggestions about what I could do better, please let me know. And if you like what you see, please subscribe. When I make a new post, you will get an email with the first paragraph of the post.

So here goes…

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