Primary Integration Training

Pogo Cartoon 1Personal growth work has been my passion ever since I discovered that the common element in all my failures is me. Walt Kelly’s old Pogo Cartoon declares this quite elegantly.

Primary Integration Training

After completing the New Warrior Training Adventure, I took a class called the “Primary Integration Training” or “PIT” for short. I drove from Bellingham to Seattle every week for 10 weeks to sit with the men other men from the Seattle area who had attended the NWTA with me. In this training we learned to create a “safe container” so we could “do our work“.

Safe Container

Brenee Brown, in her wonderful talk on explains that vulnerability is the path to connection. The problem, however, is that most of us men are hard-wired to believe that vulnerability equals weakness and if I show vulnerability, you will attack. It turns out that vulnerability is actually very powerful, but it is still very scary for many men. For men to show vulnerability, we must feel very safe, so we start each session with each other creating a safe environment or a “safe container”.

Do Our Work

Once we feel safe, we can start to look deep within ourselves and begin the transformative process becoming more conscious human beings.

Purpose of the PIT

The purpose of the Primary Integration Training is to give men the tools, skills and self-awareness to continue the personal growth work that began in the NWTA and bring this work into our daily lives.

The Path to PIT Leadership

Becoming a PIT leader took quite awhile. After my initial cycle, I repeated the PIT twice as a “Senior Brother” and twice again as a “Leader in Training”. I was then allowed to be “hot-seated” as a PIT Co-Leader which allowed me to co-lead a PIT with a fully certified PIT leader. I did this twice, driving from Bellingham to Seattle once a week for 10 weeks every time. Finally, I was “hot-seated” as a full leader. Since then, I have led PITs in Seattle, Vancouver,BC and other places around the Pacific Northwest almost 20 times.


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