Timeframe: 1996-1997 Technology: ASP, DCOM


Earthstewards Network was founded by Danaan Parry who died of a sudden massive heart attack on November 13, 1996. When he died, I created this website to honor him. Now, almost 18 years later, the website is still alive and active.

When I created this site, I was experimenting with data models. I was intrigued with what I could do with a syntax of the form <object1> <verb relationship> <object2>. For example, “Bob is married to Donna”. If that expression is, itself an object, then “Travis is offspring of [Bob is married to Donna]”. This notation allows me to create a complete genealogy tree using only these two expressions.

I created a whole body of code that I called “ConneXions” to explore these ideas.

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