FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) (2010-2013)

Timeframe: 2010-2013 Technology: ASP.NET, C#, SQL, jQuery


A job is either exempt (not subject to overtime) or non-exempt (overtime is paid). Most employers would like all jobs to be exempt so they could work their people for many more hours than just 40 per week, knowing that it would not cost them any more to do so. Fortunately for many workers, their jobs are not exempt (i.e. exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act). At present, there are penalties for employers who classify non-exempt jobs as exempt, but these penalties are not easily or uniformly enforced.

ERI learned that the Department of Labor was proposing a regulatory change that would tighten the enforcement of the FLSA regulations. Were this to happen, it would mean that most companies would need help determining whether a job that they classified as exempt was really exempt according to the regulations. To make matters worse, 10 states (including Washington) have their own standards that amend the US FLSA standards.

ERI developed an algorithm and a series of questions that would to a pretty good job of determining whether a given job was or was not exempt. I was tasked with implementing those algorithms and questions as a web-based tool.

I worked on this product for from 2011 until November, 2013 when ERI determined that the regulatory change was not going to happen. As a result, my work was no longer a good investment of their development dollars, so I was laid off on November 4, 2013.

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