Intel Personal Development Planner (1993-94)

Developed in partnership with Intel
 First version deployed in Q4, ‘93 to
sub-group of Intel IT department
 Second version deployed in Q4, ‘94
 Commercial version available now



Employee development
Each employee is personally responsible for
maintaining and demonstrating adequate skills
to perform her or his job
The employer must define what skills are
needed, and must identify resources which can
help employee grow skills
 Components of the problem:
Employees hold jobs
Jobs require skills
Skills can be grown by applying resources
Resources help employees grow skills

Define current and future job descriptions
How job will change with new technology
 Identify skills required for each job
Human skills
Business and analytical skills
Technical skills
 Locate courseware and reference material


For Each Individual:
 Assess current skill set
 Identify courses which can help grow skills
 Create overall personal development plan
 Review with supervisor:
Skills assessment
Personal development plan
Identify projects which can exercise skills
Schedule training to dove-tail with project
 Implement plan


Job Descriptions
Job responsibilities today
Projected 1–3 year and 3–5 year evolution for
that job
 Skills Required for Jobs
 Identify & quantify skills required for each job
Categorize and describe composite skills list
 Resources for Skills
Each resource must improve at least one skill
Each skill must have at least one resource
which can help people improve that skill


Employee performs self-assessment of
all skills
Highly competent
Moderately competent
Lightly competent
No competence at all
 Correlate employee assessment with
skills required by job(s)
Below—needs improvement

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