Multisite Day #4 – Murphy Smirks

I did it again… I made an assumption that I understood what I was dealing with. I can see the amused grin on Murphy’s face in my mind’s eye. When I asked for the mySQL server containing the new databases, I was pointed to a server with a database for each site. I assumed that all of the sites had been backed up to this new location.


I was looking at the production database. This time I broke the main site for only a few minutes.

Once I knew that I had to create a new database for the root development site, I started down the path of creating an empty WordPress site. It took less than the proverbial five minutes. I proceeded to create two subdomain sites. That took only a minute. Then I tried to access one of the subdomain sites.

404… The subdomain sites weren’t there. Murphy’s smile turned into a smirk.

Tomorrow, I engage a consultant to help me sort this out. But I sit with a quandary. Can he help? I suspect that the problem has something to do with the DNS setup, in which case, I need the solution to come from the hosting company. I called them and asked for help, but they need a formal request from one of a few named account holders, none of whom were available.

I felt the frustration and stress building. I was stuck again, staring at Murphy as he just shrugged and winked (Yes, I have a visual imagination).

I realized that I could do nothing about being stuck, but I could do something about being stressed. So I went to yoga.

Good idea.

So tomorrow, I will do battle with my old buddy Murphy once again. We are like old friends. He keeps messing with me and I turn into a snow plow and go at him head on. Often not the wisest strategy, but it makes for a very visual metaphor.

to be continued…

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