A Different Kind of Coaching

I was certified as a coach in 2001, right about the time that I went through The Mankind Project‘s New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA). Like many newly minted coaches, I had a difficult time honing in on a specific niche, and my practice never got off the ground. Instead, I sat in circle with a small group of other men while we learned to coach each other. I spent almost a year in my original “I-Group” in Seattle before the commute from Bellingham started to get to me. In the Spring of 2002, another man from Bellingham and I started an I-Group here in Bellingham and that group now has almost 20 men in it and we are going strong.

In the intervening 12 years, I have helped start over two dozen other I-Groups by becoming a certified leader of our “Primary Integration Training” (PIT) which teaches men the tools, skills and self-awareness to sit in circle and help coach each other to deeper levels of authenticity, accountability and openness.

I also led the process to develop the current version of the PIT Manual, a 150+ page manual that describes how to create a “safe container” for men to do our work and outlines many tools and techniques we can use to help each other look deeply into our own unconscious selves and bring what Carl Jung called “our shadows” into the light.

I have also supported (“staffed”) 35+ NWTA weekends and started an initiative with MKP to identify and define a role called “Community Elder”. I am considered a leader within MKP and I have been told repeatedly that my facilitation skills are better than most trained psychologists. While this latter judgment may or may not be true, two things are very clear in my mind: I know how to coach men, and I haven’t a clue about how to coach women.

Given this crystal clear insight, I am now preparing to offer my coaching skills to men only, and then only to those men who are committed to fiercely looking inward and becoming better men in the process.

I have not yet “hung my shingle” because I still have to prepare some of my intake and procedural materials, but if you are interested, please contact me.

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Contact Me

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