Full Stack Programming

Three years ago, I found myself in a position where I had to develop complex, data-driven websites with no support from any other programmers. I had to build the whole site myself, bottom to top. Fortunately, I am quite adept at the back-end portions of the web site, in this case, Microsoft SQL Server with ASP.NET; however, I was not at all comfortable with JavaScript and jQuery. I had to teach myself the skills I was missing. I learned to make Google my best buddy (outside of my wife), and when I left that job, I knew the technology stack quite well. Then I heard a term that described what I had become: a “Full Stack Programmer.”

I am now entering “semi-retirement.” That means I don’t want full-time employment, but I still want to exercise my brain. I am also at the stage in life where it is increasingly important to give back. I have spent many years writing software of all types, and I have learned more than a few lessons along the way. I have also developed a clear understanding of how to build multi-tiered websites that access data securely and provide high-performance user interfaces. And now, I want to teach these skills to new programmers.

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