Helping Men Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up

2016-02-22-Bob Jones

Do You Want:

  • Deeper Connection
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Help Getting Unstuck

I work with men who want to wake up (become more conscious), grow up (become more emotionally mature) and show up (live life with a clear sense of purpose and mission).

If you want deeper and more authentic connection in your life, I can help you learn the skills to find that connection.

If you want more clarity of who you are and what your purpose is, I can help you find it.

If you feel stuck by the challenges life presents you with, I can help you navigate those challenges and get unstuck.


My Story

Many years ago, I realized that I could not have the kind of authentic conversations I hungered for with most of the men in my life. I have been a computer programmer since 1967 and I can talk tech with most other programmers, but somehow that has become like watching old black and white reruns of Leave it to Beaver. There was something missing… something not working in my otherwise happy and productive life. I have been married for over 40 years to a good woman, but even my conversations with her lacked something.

In 1990, I was recruited by Microsoft and moved my family from sunny San Jose, California to the dark and rainy Northwest. The move was very tough on my family, but something happened that proved to be the catalyst for the change I was seeking.

The team I was hired into at Microsoft was dysfunctional. Our manager arranged for us to do some “team building” and we all assembled in a hotel in downtown Seattle to do in two days what normally takes a week. We took tests and were introduced to concepts like openness and trust. As the weekend drew to a close, I felt myself coming alive. Those old black and white TV shows had turned to living color and I was excited. I realized that I had the power to change my life and make myself a better man, a better husband and even a better father.

But when the weekend was over, the colors started to fade and I got pissed. I asked the instructor what to do and he said, “Look into the mirror and learn to see who you really are.” So I did. And my life changed completely.

This website is about my life and how I have learned to wake up, grow up and show up. It has been a long, slow and frequently painful process; but now as I approach my 70th birthday, I am laying down my computer programmer persona and become the man I have wanted to be all my life.

For over 14 years, I have sat in circle with other men and looked at my life… and helped them look at theirs. I have learned to ask tough questions and facilitate men to clarity on the problems and challenges they face. I have learned that that most men hunger for deep authentic connection but face the sad reality that our culture has trained us to behave in ways that destroy rather than cultivate connection. Does this ring any bells?

I now work with men who want to wake up, grow up and show up as more conscious, accountable and responsible adults and who want to deepen authentic connection with themselves and the the people in their lives they want to be close to.

I am not a cheerleader coach. I ask tough questions and we go deep. If this speaks to you, contact me. We meet face-to-face online. Your first half hour is free, so fill out the contact form and I will call you back ASAP.

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Contact Me

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