Men’s Group Facilitator

I completed my MKP New Warrior Training Adventure barely a month before moving to Bellingham. In the Spring of 2002, together with one other local “warrior brother” I started an integration group. An I-Group is a men’s circle that is initially taught in the Primary Integration Training workshop. As I learned to sit in an I-Group and “do my work”, I also learned how to facilitate processes for other men. The processes we use simply explore our often unconscious and self-limiting beliefs and bring these ancient beliefs into the light of our self-awareness.

I believe that group work is a powerful way to help men become better men. This work has most certainly saved my marriage and possibly even my life.

I love helping men become more self-aware, but even more than that, I love helping men learn to facilitate each other so that the perceived “power differentials” that often exist between men sitting in circle can melt away.

If you are interested in starting a men’s circle, let me know. I may be able to offer you some pointers.

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