WordPress Dude

Over 74 million websites depend on WordPress, according to ManageWP. This same page claims that 22% of all new registered US domains run on WordPress. I managed to slip onto this bandwagon late in 2013 as I was building this website.

I could go into depth about the problems with WordPress, but I am now completing my second significant website using WordPress. For this site, “nw.mkp.org“, I wrote a “plugin” that will make it quite easy to use the functionality I have created on many other websites.

Learning to write a plugin has not been an easy process and there are still some hidden caverns with WordPress that I will be exploring soon, but it gets the job done. With the plugin I have just written, the site will be able to support the members of a large, distributed volunteer organization by making it very easy to post announcements and events and find each other from anyplace in the world.

I expect to continue with WordPress and am available to help you build the website you are dreaming of.

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