Multisite Day #12 – Breakthrough

I completed a draft of my detailed code walk through. It comes in at 32 pages and growing, but it gave me a chance to take a close look at everything. Enough clarity has emerged for me to start the big rehearsal. This involves getting a complete copy of the MKPUSA site working on my desktop under multisite and with its theme upgraded. I started that task this morning and it’s now closing in on three and…

It works! When I started, lots of images wouldn’t load and elements were floating in spaces where they didn’t belong. One-by-one, I chased them down and finally a pattern emerged. Most of the problems were styling related and all of that is located in a single CSS file. I am not a strong CSS dude, but I managed to figure out what needed changing and get everything pointed in the right direction. And, I have written down what I had to do to get everything to work.

Tomorrow, I start on the second scene of act one: Importing another site. All I should have to do is import the pages and posts from the other site and fixup the menus. Should be pretty straight forward, but it probably won’t be. Check back tomorrow for the latest.

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