Multisite Day #13 – Another Sinkhole Appears

Multisite is freakin perverse! Every piece of code that wants to get or set an option or read or write from the database has to behave differently when running multisite.

I went through all of my code today and made it all multisite aware. Only one problem: I can set an option in the database, but when I try to read the option back later on, it returns empty handed. It’s as if you asked me to hand you the pen on my desk. You can see the pen, but you have to go through the “Get_Thing(‘pen’)” function and it lies.

I can say, “Set_Thing(‘glasses’)” and it works fine, but “Get_Thing(‘glasses’)” returns a value that says, “Nope, nothing there, boss!”. Ever want to try to reason with a computer? They are clearly psychopathic. They will affirm that neither the pen nor the glasses are in their collection of things, even though you can clearly see them in the database.

Now comes the interesting part: is it my “Get_Thing” code that is messed up or have I really stumbled across a bug in the WordPress code. Odds are 999:1 that it’s my code, that I copied directly from somebody else who said, “This is the way to do it.”

So once again, I flaunt my ignorance and ask a question on the WordPress forum and and shift gears while I ponder my own ignorance.

POSTMORTEM… 15 minutes later.

I don’t believe this. Right after I posted the calls for the cavalry, I discovered a post that said, in substance, “You know all those changes you made… undo them. You made a mistake.”

Old Murphy is lol. Me, I’m going to bed.

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