Multisite Day # 14 – Filling in the sinkhole

I spent most of the day chasing down how to manage options. I finally confirmed that all the changes I had made yesterday need to be undone, but I also confirmed that I now understand how to set and get options. Doesn’t sound like much, but clarity sometimes comes at a significant cost.

My focus shifted to getting my big plugin working again. It worked fine before Multisite, but it did much of its work when the plugin was activated. This typically happens right after it is installed, but my activation code creates tables, categories, pages and menus for the current site. It has to be altered so that activation becomes benign and that the real work happens when the plugin is “Enabled”.

I made it about one quarter into what needs to be done when Nelson arrived. He is a long time MKP Warrior brother who is also a magnificent leader in our community. We spent the rest of the evening in deep conversation about life, looking inward and leadership. He is also a very early riser, so I am headed to bed as soon as I post this.

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