Multisite Day #15 – A Flash of Clarity

I spent much of today trying to understand how the Thesis-85 theme behaves in a multisite environment. It turns out to be pretty clever. Whenever a new site is added, it creates a new folder for that site’s custom styling and code files. Once I got the hang of it, it works pretty well… almost.

In the process of chasing this down, I kept stumbling across a bunch of small “problems” (the polite word for BUGS) in various pieces of other people’s code. I found a couple small ones in the WordPress core code and submitted a fix to the appropriate forums. I also did the unthinkable: I changed to core code. Yes, it will get stomped if it is updated, but that won’t cause any big problems.

So how did I find these problems I hear one of you asking? Glad you asked. I have developed a plugin called RHJ4 Diagnostics which makes it very easy to generate diagnostic information and have it saved in a log file. The plugin works so well that it was reporting any issues discovered anywhere in the WordPress code, the active theme and any active plugins. It was the diagnostic information that helped me find out how Thesis (and lots of other code) works. I will be writing about debugging very soon.

I switched gears this evening and focused on this site. I didn’t like the way it was laid out before. Now it is clear and simple. I just have lots of content to complete.

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