Multisite Day #17 – Here we go loop-de-loop

Donna and I were driving to Fairhaven to meet my brother and his wife. They were thinking about moving to Bellingham. I was thinking about Boysen’s clue that it was Thesis 185 again. I had looked at the diagnostic logs generated by my RHJ4 Diagnostics plugin and suddenly the dots connected.

I had added code in Thesis that called RHJ4 Diagnostics but then disabled that plugin. The theme was loading, but as soon as it called the plugin (which wasn’t there any more), it died with a fatal error. It was a sequencing problem. I almost wanted to skip lunch and go test my hypothesis immediately, but I hadn’t see Tim and Michele in quite awhile. Tim writes a humor blog called “VIEW from the BLEACHERS” and Michele is a world-class portrait artist, but they are family, so I forgive them.

We had a delightful lunch at the Harris Street Cafe and then they were off to look at houses while I rushed home to look at code. It turns out I wasn’t able to test anything until 10:00 that evening because I had a wedding to go to first and then my friend Paul Millage invited me to come sing Kirtan with him and James Boag. The code would just have to wait.

The wedding was sweet. The bride, groom and minister were all barefoot, so I was too. It was the first barefoot wedding I had been to since my own wedding to Donna on 4/20/75 in the Florida Keys.

Getting Married on 4/20/75

Getting Married on 4/20/75

The kirtan was pretty sweet too. But code beckoned, so I left Paul’s place about 10:00 PM and was running the test by 10:30.

Step by step, I carefully walked through the process. I got Thesis 185 restored and tested, then reset back to 181. I disabled all the plugins and made the changes to wp-config.php and to .htaccess and reloaded the page.

Now in the proper world, I should have been challenged to login again and the site would now be running under Multisite. But the “Proper” world doesn’t understand the Murphy is a party crasher. He had to show up. It was inevitable. And he did. The browser froze with the message, “Too many redirects”. The subtext read something like, “Get your shit together, dummy!” All I could focus on was the subtext.

I tried repeated tweaks, but none worked. At this point, I suspect that it has to do with .htaccess or with the ISP’s Plesk control panel. I sent off a status report to Bacon and Boysen and decided that the most logical and reasonable thing to do was go to bed. So I played two deck Freecell for three hours and then staggered to bed.

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