Multisite Day #18 & 19


I got a clue about the looping from our ISP. He told me to use the Chrome debugging tools (which I use all the time) and watch the network panel. I did and he was right. I could see that a particular page was looping, so I started dropping trace statements into the code. It wasn’t pretty but it got me to the point where I could pin down exactly where the problem lay. Unfortunately I could not inspect any variables. All I could do is write values into the log.

I did all this on Monday night after a long day, so once I had pinned down where the problem lay, I put it to rest for the night.


I walked through the code on my desktop and tightened up the diagnostics on my local version, but I couldn’t duplicate the problem. My local code went into Multisite just fine. But I did have instrumented code to work with. Until the shit hit the fan again.

I did something to desktop configuration that busted multisite. I could enter the root site, but any time I tried to access a subdomain, Apache threw me to the XAMPP dashboard. It’s now 11:00 and I have been fighting with this for the last hour. I have concluded it is an htaccess problem but I don’t understand htaccess well enough to debug it.

Tomorrow morning is booked, so I can’t work on this until tomorrow afternoon. And I have the consultant I hired a long time ago scheduled for 6:00PM. It’s going to be a busy afternoon.

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