Multisite Day #2 (Monday)

I started slowly today. I am feeling my way through this. There is a chicken and egg problem I have to resolve. Each site consists of content in the wp-Content folder and data in the mySQL database. I have access to a test domain, but don’t have access to the mySQL connection for the existing databases and the new ones.

First question: should they all go into the same server or not. Putting them in the same server would be easier to manage, but it’s not clean enough. I want a separate instance of mySQL for the development work.

I need these two connection strings from MKP and should be able to get them tomorrow morning.

I switched to creating a site on my desktop and multisiting it. Now that I have run through this process about a dozen times, I am starting to get the feel of it, but still pondering the chicken and egg. Do I transfer each active site to the test domain and convert it there then copy it back to a new physical location? Do I override the existing site? Or do I update things in place?

I won’t know until I have had a chance to attempt to multisite an existing website (one with lots of content), but I am leaning towards perfecting the process on the dev site then rolling through the live sites backing each up then converting it in a running process.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

to be continued…

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