Multisite Day #20 – Perseverance Pays Off

I’ts kind of weird how I can hit a wall, get totally stuck, reach out for help and in the moment that the help arrives, I see the problem. That was what happened today. I used another 1/2 hour from a consultant I paid for two months ago and as soon as he got on line, I spotted the problem with my configuration. A quick fix and the site stopped looping and came up just fine. But the next step is still problematic…

Now I have to bring each existing “area” site under the fold. This presents an interesting challenged that I just realized tonight. I am not sure yet, but what I think needs to happen is that I create an intermediate multisite, get it fully populated and then down the current live site and repoint the new multisite. Not sure, but I will know more tomorrow.

Heck, if I can pull this off, I may be able to get my next paycheck!

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