Multisite Day #3 – Murphy Strikes!

Yesterday was a difficult day. I converted the MKPUSA site to multisite locally (on my desktop) and then uploaded this to the development site at MKP. Only when the upload was completed did I learn that the development site wouldn’t open and that the main MKP USA website had turned into a single blank page. When I saw this, my stomach started digging a hole to South Africa (the closest land mass to the opposite side of the world from where I live). My throat dried up and my heart started beating at twice its normal rate. What had I done? And even more important, how could I fix it?

I take responsibility for the consequences of my actions. I had downed the main public website for an international organization and I had no idea how to fix it. I reached out to everybody I thought could help, but nobody answered. It was not a comfortable evening.

About 8:00 PM, I got lucky. I discovered that I could still get to the WordPress dashboard for MKP USA and made a quick guess at what the problem was. A couple clicks and the site reappeared. And my heart slowed down. I filled in the hole I had dug and drank a glass of wine and reflected. What was the mistake I had made?

I learned this morning that the mistake was one of ignorance rather than carelessness. I noticed that all of the websites, both public and developmental shared the same IP address. Was that a bug or a feature. It turned out that there was some code on the other end of my FTP connection that decided where to put my data based on my login credentials. I had used the credentials for the public site rather than the development site. Details, home of the metaphorical devil. So I started today with a commitment to slowly and methodically gathering all the details and making sure I have a clear plan for the next steps. And that is where I will leave off for the moment.

to be continued…

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