Seeking Balance

2016-02-22-Bob JonesFor most of my adult life, I have been a software developer, living in my left brain (my head). About 25 years ago I discovered my right brain… my heart. Ever since that discovery I have been working to integrate left and right, head and heart, and use each part of me when the situation called for it. I have learned that life is about meaningful relationships and deep, authentic connection with myself and others, and about developing a spiritual connection with something greater than my ego.

Seeking Balance…

Left Brain: GEEK

Right Brain: PERSON

My logo is the nautilus, a symbol found throughout nature which to me means continuous iterative growth and improvement.  My Logo I seek to balance my left and right brains and all four of my male archetypes so that I may lead a balanced life of healthy, mature and responsible service.


My personal mission is to deepen authentic connection in my world by teaching conscious, courageous and compassionate transformation.
Transform: Magician Conscious:King Courageous: Warrior Compassion: Lover


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