Community Elders

Since its inception, the Mankind Project has been mostly about the New Warrior Training Adventure. We take men through the NWTA then send them into I-Groups and then repeat the cycle. There have been some consequences to this pattern:

  • We have become very good at conducting NWTA weekends
  • Men in I-Groups often drift away from MKP

Several years ago MKP took a deep look at itself and realized that we needed to transform ourselves from NWTA focus to community and membership focus.

Within the Mankind Project, we have many growth paths for men to follow. These growth paths roughly break into two clusters: paths on a New Warrior Training Adventure weekend and paths within a local community.

men who want to become NWTA leaders, men who pour sweat lodges, men who are elders

About community elders… t.b.d.

  • Leader
  • Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Coach
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