Ground Rules

Jim MitchellThese definitions come largely from Jim Mitchell, a man who has made huge contributions both to The Mankind Project and to my life. Each of these definitions is a touchstone that helps me become more of the man I want to be.


Means letting you see me as I am…

  • Requires trust and self-acceptance
  • Requires compassion… for myself and others
  • Compassion vs. Judgment
  • Can you hold both compassion and judgment in the same breath?


  • Honesty with myself versus with others
  • Tell myself the compassionate truth
  • How honest am I with myself?
  • What lies do I tell myself?


  • Open = vulnerable
  • Open = willing to try new ideas
  • Open = willing to stretch my comfort zone
  • Open = willing to trust


Am I willing to..

  • think the thoughts,
  • feel the feelings,
  • take the actions,
  • make the hard choices,
  • that will most likely create the life I say I want to have?


Am I willing to own and to tell the microscopic truth about my choices, conscious and unconscious, and the consequences and impacts of those choices without making myself a victim?


Do my thoughts, my words and my actions line up?

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