New Warrior Training Adventure

New Warrior Logo - RegisteredThe New Warrior Training Adventure is a weekend that wakes men up from a ‘sleep’ that most didn’t even know they were in.  It creates a special and fierce environment where a man can test himself… test his lifelong fears… test the way he holds himself back… test out saying the many things he has wanted to say but feared judgment of others or feared standing out or even more, feared being great!

We offer men the chance to stand in honor, to risk being all he has wanted to be, but failed somehow; to find the discipline and courage to be bold and patient, loving and fearsome, powerful and humble.

We choose to call ourselves New Warriors because we couldn’t find a better overarching description to describe honor, discipline, courage, passion and maturity.

In the Mankind Project we value passion, business sense, service, personal discipline PLUS that sense of wonder, wisdom and wistfulness that others find so attractive in mature men.

We are not the “old” domineering warriors; on the contrary, we teach men to value and use their innate Warrior energy.

We are not a mystical, shamanic cult; we do teach men to be willing to openly sense and honor the mysteries of life.

We are not a survivalist organization; we do teach men how to take care of themselves.

We are not a religion; we strongly encourage men to find or rediscover and then trust their own spirituality.

We are not a business; but we use sound economic principles and good management in the practice of offering these trainings.

We are not a civil rights or social justice organization; but we love justice and stand for human rights.

Our ’cause’ is waking men up to their magnificent maturity so they can make a difference any way THEY choose.

Mike Elser, the current Chairman of MKP USA summed up this work in six words. We teach men to:

Wake Up, Grow Up and Stand Up!


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