My Definition of Success

Around 1991, I attended a training called “Context, The Pursuit of Excellence“. It was pop-psych 101, but it yielded a number of good nuggets of gold. One that has stuck with me virtually without change is the Definition of Success:

Success to me is autonomy, choosing myself, my day, and whom I see.
Success to me is integrity, living prosperously with accountability.
Success to me is intimacy, contact with you and introspection with me.
Success to me is living powerfully, with focus, structure and curiosity.
Success to me is growing spiritually, coaching others and being me.

My Core Values

Autonomy – I must have the freedom to control my time and actions.

Integrity – I require high integrity in all my relationships, both of myself and of my partners.

Prosperity – I enjoy abundance and trust the Universe to deliver what I need.

Accountability – I am responsible for my choices and my awareness of how my choices have impacted me.

Contact – I get juice from intimate conversations and I am drained by superficiality. I choose contact.

Introspection – I am fearless and passionate about looking inward and learning about myself.

Curiosity – I am continuously and actively learning about what stimulates my curiosity.

Focus – I have a gift of hyper-focus that produces wonderful results. I cherish this gift.

Structure – I naturally seek and create structure as a tool for managing chaos and stress and to understand the world around me.

Coaching – I am an excellent personal and professional coach and I love helping others improve their lives.

Spirituality – I incorporate my spiritual growth and knowledge into my daily life without inflicting my beliefs on others.

Self-Awareness – I am who I am.

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