What About Bob?

2016-02-22-Bob JonesIf you are looking for a young, highly energetic alpha geek, keep looking. That was me ten or twenty years ago. But if you are looking for someone who has taught himself to row on both sides of the boat, can come from my head or my heart, can listen as long as it takes and can draw the answers out rather than feed them in, consider what I have to offer.

I have been in the technology trenches for a long time and I have a boat load of experience and lessons learned, and It is time for me to start giving back. I am looking for opportunities to teach and mentor as well as participating small software development projects that play well to my strengths.

I am looking only for part time 1099 work, no benefits required.


I have a vision of a class that I want to teach. I call it “Full Stack Website Programming” and it will cover the entire scope of building a heavy duty data-driven website, from the database to the user interface. I can see the whole course in my mind and I have awakened in the middle of the night many times with new ideas about how to make it fun, exciting and very challenging.

Software Development Projects

I love programming. I have been writing code for longer than most programmers today have been alive, and I have never tired of it. I spent last year on a quest to master jQuery. I spent the year before that teaching myself LINQ to SQL. I am obsessively curious and constantly learning something new.

Typical projects I have undertaken in the past last multiple years and allow me to really get my teeth into the problem, but that has come at a cost. The environment I have been in for the last three years didn’t allow me to work with others as a team and that team work is something I want very much.

My current skill set is based on the Microsoft ASP.NET stack (SQL Server, Visual Studio 2010/2012, C#, LINQ to SQL, jQuery), but if the past is any predictor, my skill set will remain in a continuously evolving state.

See my resume for a more detailed description of my qualifications.

Contact Me:

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