My Personal Mission

BobJonesOne of the most important results of the MKP NWTA is the notion of mission. Mine has mutated over the years into a crystal clear north star that guides me every day.

My personal mission is to deepen authentic connection in my world by teaching conscious, courageous and compassionate transformation.

There four parts to my mission statement:

  1. Conscious is the role of my inner king
  2. Courageous calls forth my warrior
  3. Compassion is the heart work of the lover
  4. Transformation is magician work

These are the four archetypes of the mature masculine that we work closely in The Mankind Project.

My mission means many things to me. It is a constant challenge to show up living my mission. I must be open to continuous and ongoing transformation in myself, and I hold the possibility that as I do my work, some of it will rub off on others.

Ever since the first night of my NWTA initiation in November, 2001, I have known that much of my personal work is about my relationship with my personal power… my relationship with my inner king. I grew up believing that those with power will abuse it and hurt people, As I grew in this work, I learned and eventually internalized that abuse is a choice and if I am conscious, I can choose not to abuse but instead become a powerful blessing king.

Courageous is warrior work. For me it means being fearless about looking inward. I won’t be any good to anybody in a gun fight, but I can certainly model the openness and vulnerability necessary to lead men into the battle within. And I can learn to cut cleanly and with clear intention when a cut is needed.

And finally we come to compassion. It has taken me many years to let go of the negative judgments I have held about myself and find self-compassion. I have been told by many that I have a “huge heart” and I hope that is not literal but metaphorical. I connect easily with others because I have learned not to judge them. But under that, I believe that having true compassion for others requires that I first have it for myself.

By including these four directions in my mission statement, I am also seeking balance and range, the ability to call on each archetype when the situation requires it. There is a time an place for everything and it’s important not to bring the wrong archetype into some situations. I still remember coming home from an NWTA weekend, walking in the door and saying in a loud, strong voice, “Honey, your warrior is home!” It took me three hours of humbly eating crow to clean up that mess.


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