Coaching Resume of Bob Jones

Ideal Opportunity:

Association with other coaches or counselors.

Coaching Skill Set Summary:

  • 20+ years of teaching of both technology and personal growth work.
  • 20+ years of personal growth work with a focus on group and personal facilitation with men.
  • Certified as a Personal Coach
  • Trained in Gestalt therapy
  • Participated in and frequently led 50+ personal growth training classes since 1991.
  • Developed and presented many personal growth workshops
  • Recognized as excellent listener, facilitator and teacher.
  • Active with The Mankind Project for over 12 years, recognized as a strong leader and Community Elder.
  • Started a men’s circle in Bellingham that has lasted for over 12 years and now very active and growing.
  • New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) Participated as staff member 30+ times since 2002. Training teaches men to begin process of waking up, growing up and showing up in their lives with greater authenticity, integrity and accountability.
  • Primary Integration Training: Completely revised and edited 150+ page manual and presented to graduates of NWTA over 20 times, class teaches tools, skills, self-awareness that helps men integrate work begun in NWTA.
  • Ground Rules for a Better Life: Developed and presented to mixed-gender classes, course teaches basic tools for leading a healthier and more authentic life.

Coaching Accomplishments:

All of my coaching has been within the framework of men’s circles that I have founded and led. After completing the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure, men take the Primary Integration Training (PIT) and then sit in Integration-Groups (I-Groups) where they coach and facilitate each other to clarity and integrity in our lives. I underwent almost four years of training before I was certified to lead a PIT, and since then, I have led over a dozen PITs, each of which results in at least one new I-Group.

Another MKP brother and I started the Bellingham Catalyst I-Group in the spring of 2002 and I have been active with this group ever since. We meet every week for two hours during which my role is frequently that of teacher, facilitator or coach. This I-Group now has almost 20 men in it and we are on the verge of creating another I-Group (or two). My coaching until now has been an in-service give-away. In the coming years, I will be creating additional groups outside of MKP that I will facilitate for a nominal fee.

Authentic Coaching Model:

Coaching starts with a simple premise: the answers to your dilemmas lie within you. It is the coach’s job to help you shine your own light of awareness on your own inner wisdom.

Coaching is not therapy and I am not a head-shrinker. Instead, I am an ally who will challenge you and ask you direct, tough questions. I don’t do subtle. I call bullshit when I smell it and I expect you to get pissed off at me at times because I will get under your skin and scratch where it hurts. And I will love you fiercely and without judgment.

I employ the full emotional spectrum in my coaching by including an exploration of you feelings as part of the coaching process. Thoughts come from the head which is not always truthful. Feelings come from the body which always tell the truth.

My coaching style is very intuitive. I don’t have a formula or a schedule. I simply ask questions and then follow my curiosity. Sometimes I come up empty, but more often than not, my hunches lead to a rich vein we can mine together.

Finally, my coaching is not about head stuff like how to make a better business plan. That kind of stuff is very dry compared to the real heart work. My interest is in helping you become more comfortable with who you are so that you can be a more honest and authentic human being.

If this piques your interest, please fill out the contact form below and let me know when are some good times to connect. Your first session is on me.

Coaching & Personal Growth Training:

  • 1991: Accountable Communications Training
  • 1991: Surrender to Intimacy
  • 1992: Context Pursuit of Excellence
  • 1992: Context Wall
  • 1992: Context Advancement
  • 1992: Boundaries I & II
  • 1993: The Human Element
  • 1998 – 1999: Seattle Gestalt Institute
  • 2001: Essentials of Coaching
  • 2001: Power of Coaching
  • 2001: Being a Coach
  • 2001: New Warrior Training Adventure
  • 2001: Living Your Vision
  • 2001: Coaching Mastery
  • 2002: Basic Staff Development Training
  • 2003: GUTS
  • 2003 Cycle 1
  • 2003 Leader Training 1
  • 2004 Leader Training 2
  • 2004 Conscious Connection
  • 2004 Warrior Monk
  • 2004 I-Group Leader Training V1
  • 2006 Multicultural Training
  • 2006 I-Group Leader Training V2
  • 2007 Possible Life

Personal References:

Many references and endorsements at LinkedIn: Additional local references available on request. See also my Left Brain Resume and my Whole Brain Resume.

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