Mankind Project Resume

The Mankind Project has considerably more to offer than just the New Warrior Training Adventure. There are many other training and growth opportunities that we can step into. The first is to join the staff of an NWWTA. A typical weekend will have 32 “initiates” and well over 40 staff men in support of those initiates. In addition, there will be a Men of Service (MOS) team that works in the background to prepare food and provide a supporting “container” for the staff.

As a part of our growth, we keep track of the training events we have participated in and any other notable accomplishments. We call this our “Warrior Resume”. Here is mine.


  • Initiated at Camp Melacoma, WA in November, 2001
  • Attended initial I-Group in 2001, 2002
  • Staffed 36 times
  • Lead Men of Service (MOS) four times
  • Attended Basic Staff Development Training in September, 2002
  • GUTS training in January, 2003
  • Cycle 1 in January, 2003
  • Attended Leadership Training 1 & 2 in 2003 * 2004
  • Conscious Connection in 2004
  • Warrior Monk (with my wife) in July, 2004
  • I-Group Leader Training in  October, 2004
  • Multicultural Training in 2006
  • IGLT & I-Group Conference in May, 2006
  • IGLT in August, 2006
  • BSDT (as support) in January, 2007
  • Possible Life in November, 2007
  • Certified PIT (Primary Integration Training) Leader (Puget Sound)
  • Led, co-led over 20 Primary Integration Trainings
  • Led First Gathering of the Tribes in June, 2013
  • NWTA Leader In Training (LIT)
  • Event Lead for Summer Elder Gathering in June, 2014
  • Completed MKP Connect WordPress plugin for  website
  • Completed phase 1 of migration of all MKP unified areas to WordPress Multisite

Current Activity:

  • Community Representative to Northwest Area Council
  • Communications Chair for Northwest Area Council
  • Member, MKP Information Systems Advisory Team
  • I-Group Representative for Northwest Area
  • Developing Northwest Area public website (
  • Working with MKP USA to use Northwest’s website for other areas

On Current Horizon:

  • MOS Lead for November, 2014 NWTA
  • Continuing execution of Northwest Area Communications Plan
  • Providing ongoing support to MKP for WordPress related issues


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