Teaching Resume of Bob Jones

Ideal Opportunity:

Teaching Full Stack Programming at local community college
Why I Love to Teach: When I see a student “get it,” I get a sense of fulfillment. I believe that my experience combined with my passion to communicate make me an outstanding teacher, and I have hundreds of reviews from past students to prove it.

Teaching Accomplishments:

Technology Classes:

  • New Architectures For Enterprise Computing: Developed by Microsoft to help large corporations understand emerging technologies, I presented this course over 70 times all over North America.
  • Migrating to Client Server: Also developed by Microsoft, this course focused on the process of moving from mainframe to client/server systems.
  • Distributed Systems Architectures: Developed and presented this course to corporate development teams and consultants to help them understand how to distribute software solutions over multiple computing platforms.
  • Object-Oriented Systems Integration & Implementation Guidelines (OSiiG): Developed in collaboration with KPMG Peat Marwick to teach their consultants how to create an SDLC Work Breakdown Structure that responds to many situational variables.
  • The Internet for Non-Profits: Class developed and presented to non-profit organizations that helped them understand how to use and incorporate the Internet into their business models.
  • Custom Variations: Presented many custom variations on these course materials to meet specific client need.

Personal Growth Classes:

  • New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA)¬†Participated as staff member 30+ times since 2002. Training teaches men to begin process of waking up, growing up and showing up in their lives with greater authenticity, integrity and accountability.
  • Primary Integration Training: Completely revised and edited 150+ page manual and presented to graduates of NWTA over 20 times, class teaches tools, skills, self-awareness that helps men integrate work begun in NWTA.
  • Ground Rules for a Better Life: Developed and presented to mixed-gender classes, course teaches basic tools for leading a healthier and more authentic life.
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