Resume of Bob Jones

PDF Resumes:
Whole Brain Resume
Left Brain Resume
Right Brain Resume
Left Brain Skill Sets:

  • 40+ years of experience working with business information systems, with a focus on data intensive web based solutions.
  • Worked with databases since 1972 and with C# and Visual Studio since 2003.
  • Developed “Services Model” to explain and teach distributed systems architectures.
  • Specialized in large systems development and thrive on multi-year development projects.
  • Current technology skill set focused on Microsoft-based solutions using SQL Server, C#/ASP.NET and jQuery.
Right Brain Skill Sets:

  • 20+ years of personal growth work with a focus on group and personal facilitation with men.
  • Certified as a Personal Coach
  • Trained in Gestalt therapy
  • Developed and presented many personal growth workshops
  • Active with The Mankind Project for over 12 years, recognized as a strong leader and Community Elder.
  • Started a men’s circle in Bellingham that has lasted for over 12 years and now very active and growing.
Whole Brain Skill Sets: 

  • 20+ years of teaching of both technology and personal growth work.
  • Taught technology classes throughout the 1990’s all over North America.
  • Participated in and frequently led 60+ personal growth training classes since 2001.
  • Recognized as excellent listener, facilitator and teacher.

Teaching Accomplishments:

Developed and presented both technical and personal growth classes.

Technology Classes:

  • New Architectures For Enterprise Computing: Developed by Microsoft to help large corporations understand emerging technologies, I presented this course over 70 times all over North America.
  • Distributed Systems Architectures: Developed and presented this course to corporate development teams and consultants to help them understand how to distribute software solutions over multiple computing platforms.
  • Object-Oriented Systems Integration & Implementation Guidelines (OSiiG): Developed in collaboration with KPMG Peat Parwick to teach their consultants how to create an SDLC Work Breakdown Structure that responds to many situational variables.

Personal Growth Classes:

  • New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA): Participated as staff member 30+ times since 2002, training teaches men to begin process of waking up, growing up and showing up in their lives with greater authenticity, integrity and accountability.
  • Primary Integration Training: Completely revised and edited 150+ page manual and presented to graduates of NWTA over 20 times, class teaches tools, skills, self-awareness that helps men integrate work begun in NWTA.
  • Ground Rules for a Better Life: Developed and presented to mixed-gender classes, course teaches basic tools for leading a more healthy and authentic life.

Software Development Accomplishments:

Web-based solutions:

PC Products:

Tandem Computers:


  • TPS – Transaction Processing System
  • Page (first visual editor)

IBM 360:

  • Ohio State University administrative applications

Employment History:

2010 – 2013 – Economic Research Institute: Senior software developer
2003 – 2010– The Socrates Group: Co-Founder
2000 – 2003 – Independent consultant
1999 – 2000 – Etelos Incorporated: Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
1991 – 1999 – The Socrates Group, Inc.: Founder & President (Sold to Etelos)
1990 – 1991 – Microsoft Corporation: Director, Microsoft Consulting Services
1987 – 1990 – Ford Aerospace: Supervisor, Software Productivity Laboratory
1983 – 1986 – Amber Systems: Founder
1978 – 1983 – Tandem Computers: Software Developer
1974 – 1978 – Interactive Information Systems: Software Development Manager
1973 – 1974 – Chrysler Corporation: Programmer
1970 – 1973 – Ohio State University: Programmer
1969 – 1970 – IBM: Systems Engineer
1967 – 1969 – Purdue Fredericks: Programmer

Personal References:

Many references and endorsements at LinkedIn:

Additional local references available on request.

Technology Skill Sets:

Current Skill Set
Technology Years
Computer Programming 46
Database Systems 42
Software Architecture 40
Personal Computers 32
Microsoft Windows 22
Microsoft SQL Server 21
Transact SQL 21
Microsoft DOS 20
Visual Studio 10
ASP .NET/C# 10
Teaching Technology 10
JavaScript/jQuery 1
WordPress 1
Former Skill Sets
Technology Years
Visual Basic 10
C & C++ 10
Microsoft ASP 9
Microsoft VB Script 9
Mini Computers 8
Mainframe Computers 6
Tandem Guardian/TAL 5
Unix 5
8086 Assembler 4
IBM Assembler 4
1401 Autocoder 2
PL/I 1
IBM Fortran 1

Personal Interests:

Human development – I have completed numerous workshops and training programs including three year program by The Gestalt Institute of Seattle and the entire training program of the Academy for Coach Training in Bellevue, WA.

I am active in The Mankind Project, an international organization dedicated to helping men wake up, grow up and stand up by empowering men to their full potential and fostering loving families, strong communities and lives of service.

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