What is Authentic Coaching?

Coaching starts with a simple premise: the answers to your dilemmas lie within you. It is the coach’s job to help you shine your own light of awareness on your own inner wisdom.

Coaching is not therapy and I am not a head-shrinker. Instead, I am an ally who will challenge you and ask you direct, tough questions. I don’t do subtle. I call bullshit when I smell it and I expect you to get pissed off at me at times because I will get under your skin and scratch where it hurts. And I will love you fiercely and without judgment.

One of my teachers said, “My best friend is the man who can cut me the deepest.” By this he meant that being witnessed, truly seen is a powerful gift, even if it involves seeing parts of him that he would rather be hidden away in shadow.

My coaching style is very intuitive. I don’t have a formula or a schedule. I simply ask questions and then follow my curiosity. Sometimes I come up empty, but more often than not, my hunches lead to a rich vein we can mine together.

Finally, my coaching is not about head stuff like how to make a better business plan. That kind of stuff is very dry compared to the real heart work. My interest is in helping you become more comfortable with who you are so that you can be a more honest and authentic human being.

If this piques your interest, please fill out the contact form below and let me know when are some good times to connect. Your first session is on me.

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