Why I Teach

Since 1991, I have taught both technical and personal growth classes. I taught emerging technology classes to corporate audiences all over North America from 1991 through 1997 when I got tired of the travel. I have taught personal growth classes since 2002, mostly through The Mankind Project and mostly to men. Today, I watched a TED talk by Simon Sinek that asked me to consider not what I did, but WHY I did it. And my answer is simple: when I see a student’s eyes light up because he or she understands something new, I get a huge rush of satisfaction.

I will freely admit that I get greater satisfaction out of the personal growth teaching I have done with men. That work is about helping men wake up and grow up. It is about becoming more authentic. It is about learning to look deep within and invite my personal dragons to tea, and then helping other men do the same. This work brings me great joy, but not a lot of money. I continue to do it, but mostly on a volunteer basis.

Fortunately, I don’t need a lot of money, but I do need a bit more than Social Security offers if I want to keep my house and be able to go out to dinner every once in a while with my wife of almost 40 years. And fortunately as well, I have spent much of the last ten years developing complex database-driven websites that can run entire businesses using Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Visual Studio and (more recently) jQuery. I have developed a very clear understanding of what works well and what doesn’t, and how to structure the code for maintainability, efficiency and security. And I want to teach others how to do this.

I am actively looking for the right venue to teach this knowledge. Ideally, it will be face-to-face and in Bellingham, where I live, so I am checking the local colleges to see if there is a possible match. I may have to break down and create on-line classes, but that is my last choice, not my first. Why? Because I want the human-to-human interaction that is best realized in a classroom.

Please wish me luck, and if you like where I am going with this, refer them to this site.


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