In 1974, I had a spiritual awakening that opened me up to the possibility that the religious model of God, the Devil, Heaven and Hell might be subject to interpretation. A little hippie chick exposed me to the teachings of Ram Dass and my world has never been the same since. Later that same year I met my wife, Donna and we bonded around the teachings of Ram Dass, Alan Watts et al. Then we started having children, moved to Silicon Valley and got caught up in the mad world of high tech, venture capital and margin trading. In simple terms, I went to sleep again.

In 1990, Microsoft made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse and I uprooted my family and transported them from the Santa Clara Sunshine to the gray skies of Seattle. My time at Microsoft was short lived. I had no skills to deal with the politics of dysfunction and got fired in less than a year. In the midst of the overwhelming fear of failure, I looked at the common element in all my difficulties and saw him staring back at me from the mirror.

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