Lessons From The Journey

September 1, 1991

The Unity Journey Into the Heart at Crystal Mountain was the single most transformational experience of my life. I moved out of my head and into my heart, out of the then and into the now, more fully than ever before in my life. There were so many wonderful lessons and experiences, beautiful people and moments; but four lessons really stand out.

The first lesson is simply to Love Unconditionally. The only true love is unconditional love. The love which simply is, without needing to own or control anyone or to expect anything in return is truly liberating. I felt this love for and from my fellow journeyers all during the weekend, and it is better than drugs, better than sex, better than anything else I have ever experienced.

The second lesson is an old one from one of my favorite teachers, Ram Dass. As he told us so eloquently, just Be Here Now. God is not in the past or the future. God, the I Am, is only in the moment. Love and God are one. Love in the past is only a memory, and love in the future is but a fantasy. The love that exists in the now is true power and freedom. It heals and reveals, and becomes its own reward.

Richard Levy, in his wonderfully comic way, taught me the third lesson: Release Judgment. Thinking I know enough to judge someone else or to really understand what is going on in any given circumstance will make me crazy, and won’t allow me to experience the moment. Judgment steals my power to see, and traps me in a point of view. Releasing judgment is a wonderfully liberating feeling. I am no longer responsible for knowing the answer to all of the problems I face. I don’t need to “have an opinion”. It is OK to simply admit that “I don’t have a clue!”  As I let go of the compulsion to be in judgment over myself and others, my eyes open, and my love grows. Instead of judging, I can simply love, unconditionally, here and now.

The final lesson came from Danaan Parry, as he encouraged me to Take the Risk. To really experience the moment, we must be willing to take the risk of letting the moment deliver itself. Letting go and taking the risk allows God more opportunities to work his magic. Fear of taking the risk becomes its own punishment, but taking the risk and letting God deliver as he sees fit is a marvelous measure of Spirit.

As I write these notes, the feeling of the Journey is fading somewhat, but the lessons learned burn brightly in my heart. I have renewed my relationship with my wife, Donna. It was healed in moments simply by releasing judgment, loving her unconditionally, being present for her in each moment, and taking the risk that it would work. It has.

My relationship with others around me has also improved. As I have become more present, my son, Corey has started asking for more hugs, the tensions within my family have started to melt, and I feel the joy of simply being growing within me.

Yeah, God!




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